Yohanan Lakicevic

Yohanan Lakicevic was born in 1943 in Yugoslavia and since 1951 has been living in Jerusalem, Israel where he received a degree in Fine and Graphic Arts from the Bezalel Academy School of Arts.

For 33 years, he was on the permanent staff of Israel National Television as an illustrator, graphic artist, and animator of numerous programs including award winning shows, and his landscapes were a feature of the station’s nightly weather broadcast.

His work includes illustrations for many children's books and he has also created several videocassettes for children's songs.

Today, he freelances as an illustrator and cartoonist for Israel’s leading newspapers.

Yohanan Lakicevic paints with oil and watercolors and has taken part in several exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

His love for watercolors is portrayed in his many personal travel journals.

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